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An textile trading for more than 20 years

Experience an assortment of extraordinary yarns through our collection, curated just for your brand.

Being part of your daily life has been an honour. You have inspired us to bring you styles from around the world by delving deep into technology and design. We produce minimal, opulent, functional, innovative and many other types of yarn that let you truly feel the quality of what you’re wearing, going beyond the mere look of a garment.

We produce various blends of yarns including cotton, synthetic, core-spun, zero-twist, hollow-core, greige, dyed and fancy, melange and eco-friendly, and green yarns meant for knitting and weaving which can be utilized in various segments such as suiting, shirting, knits, sewing thread, home furnishing, carpets and industrial applications.

Mr. Sohail began his career 10 years back under the able leadership of his Father Mr. Hanif Hingora, who, was in the field of textile trading for more than 20 years. Mr. Hanif began the textile journey in 2001 with the trading activities on large scale. He was importing the Partially Oriented Yarn (POY) from China and was selling the same locally in the textile market. Mr. Hanif Hingora achieved the turnover of almost 200 crores on group level during 2001-2008. Then the group also forayed in to construction activities. However, as new entrant, Sohail concentrated on textile activities and handled the import activities of the group. The group also set up manufacturing facilities on job work basis by working out the forward integration. The group is having strong market presence and their Hinlon Brand is very well established in the local market. M/s. Hinlon Industries P Ltd has decided to carry on manufacturing activities of producing POY. For this reason, the company has taken manufacturing facilities at Daman, which is having close proximity to textile markets of Surat as well as Mumbai. UT of daman and Silvassa are having many textile units base. This territory is more favorable for the other reason of cheaper electricity costs than the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra. The company has tied up with following suppliers for procuring raw materials i.e. polyester chips.



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Platinum Synthetics is the largest peer-to-peer comparison initiative in the textile industry. It tracks the apparel material and home textile sector’s progress toward more sustainable materials sourcing, as well as alignment with global effort. Besides the regular production became the largest exporter.

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Since more than 20 years, Platinum Synthetics is operating in the textile market manufacture and trader. As years go by, the range of produced textiles has been increased.